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 Green Event

​The Prince George Conference and Civic Centre (PGCCC) is committed to developing and maintaining best practices to host sustainable events. In doing so, the facility has comprised a PGCCC Green Team consisting of staff from Administration, Operations, and the Food & Beverage Department.


The PGCCC Green Team will educate and encourage employees, customers, and the general public to fully participate in all aspects of the Environmental Plan.

The Facility:  The PGCCC has been designed as one of the locations to utilize the Downtown District Energy System that provides carbon neutral energy. In addition, the PGCCC has improved energy efficiencies with increasing the use of natural light, photo-sensor controlled exterior LED lighting, and motion-sensor controlled interior lighting; low VOC paints; environmental friendly cleaning products, increased utilization of recycling; and installed high efficiency hot water tanks and commercial dishwasher.

Waste Management: By establishing waste diversion and recycling goals, the PGCCC will focus on reducing our overall waste. Capturing recyclable materials from the waste stream currenly includes glass (e.g. bottles, jars), plastic (e.g. bottles, milk jugs), aluminum (e.g. bottles, cans), paper(e.g. office, flipcharts), and cardboard (e.g. shipments). In addition, the facility currently recycles and safely disposes of special items such as batteries, flourescent bulbs, paint, and toner cartridges. Recycling will also include wood (e.g. wood palettes), used cooking oil and compressor oil, and organic composting (including composting of used hand towels).

Energy Conservation: The PGCCC offers and encourages initiatives in all areas of the facility to responsibly conserve energy. This includes leaving lights turned off in areas that are not rented and/or undergoing maintenance, adjusting temperature levels, PC's turned off when not in use, and unplugging machinery when not in operation. As well, efforts are made to maximize the abundance of natural light thus reducing the use of indoor lighting. Efforts are being made to establish a linen-free meeting room goal that would lead to reduced costs for drycleaning.

Sustainable Food & Beverage Service: Currently, the Food and Beverage Services Department donates perishable unserved food items to local agencies, composts organic waste, and recycles. In addition, we are striving to obtain the "One Leaf Dining Status" through Compass Group Canada's Sustainability Program. We are also looking to include the use of compostable disposable food containers for all concession service and buffets and the donation of food waste to local farmers.

Support Event Organizers: With our best practices underway, and our Green Event Checklist we are able to assist event organizers with planning a sustainable and environment friendly event.